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Wellnio gives you instant access to AI-generated advisors, mentors, and teachers 10X faster and cheaper.

Get instant advice and guidance on any objective, goal, situation, or problem from a wide range of experienced and highly skilled AI-generated experts who are most qualified to provide you help, advice, mentorship, and guidance.

It’s like having your personal board of highly skilled and experienced advisors at your fingertips to advise you on any topic, goal, problem, or objective related to any aspect of your life.

From health, relationships, work and money to business, spirituality, philosophy, art, and more, Wellnio helps you take your life to the next level.

Wellnio Version 1

A simplified working version with one core feature that you can already use for free.

Try Example Prompts

Health & Wellness

Lose Weight

I want to lose excess weight, get in my ideal shape, and become the best version of myself so that I can feel great again, sleep great, be a role model to others, and function great in all aspect of my life

Overcome Depression

I want to regain my hope, love, excitement, and optimism for life so that I can life fully, feel joyful, have a meaningful life, and function great in all aspect of my life.

Overcome Anxiety

I want to stop my anxiety and feel great, calm, optimistic, and confident again so that I feel great, life fully, and function great in all aspect of my life

Overcome Drinking Disorders

I want to get rid of my drinking problems, stop my cravings to drink, and remove alcohol out of my life so that I can feel great again, sleep great, be a role model to others, and function great in all aspect of my life

Overcome Eating Disorders

I want to get rid of my unhealthy eating habits, eat healthy every day, lose excess weight, and get in my ideal shape so that I can feel great in my body again, sleep great, be a role model to others, and function great in all aspect of my life.


Overcome Breakup

I want to overcome a traumatic breakup, heal my heart, move on with life, open up myself to new love so that I can life fully, feel joyful, and function great in all aspect of my life.

Overcome Heartbreak

I want to heal my broken heart and move on with my life so that I can open up myself to new love, feel great, life fully, and function great in all aspect of my life

Attract Ideal Partner

I want to cultivate meaningful friendships, enhance my social connections, and enrich my social life so I can enjoy the benefits of companionship, mutual support, and shared experiences.

Cultivate Friendships

I want to improve communication, deepen my understanding, and strengthen love in my relationships so I can enjoy fulfilling bonds and contribute positively to the people around me.

Love Yourself

I want to embrace self-love, boost my self-esteem, and cultivate inner happiness so I can live with confidence, positivity, and radiate love in my relationships with others.

Money & Finance

Manage Money Better

I want to manage my money effectively, control my spending, and build financial security so I can live stress-free, plan my future, and achieve my financial goals.

Grow Income

I want to expand my income streams, leverage my skills, and increase my wealth so I can enjoy financial prosperity, secure my future, and live a comfortable lifestyle.

Grow Net Worth

I want to grow my net worth, build wealth, and enjoy financial freedom so I can secure my future, support my family, and live a prosperous life.

Financial Freedom

I want to achieve financial freedom, break free from financial constraints, and live life on my terms so I can enjoy a stress-free life, pursue my passions, and have the freedom to make choices that make me happy.

Financial Education

I want to enhance my financial education, understand money management, and take control of my financial future so I can make informed decisions, secure my future, and pass on financial wisdom to the next generation.

Work & Career

Advance Career

I want to advance in my career, enhance my professional skills, and climb the ladder of success so I can feel accomplished, satisfied, and contribute significantly to my field.

Meaningful Work

I want to find meaningful work, increase my job satisfaction, and live a fulfilling professional life so I can make a difference, feel valued, and enjoy my work every day.

Get Promoted

I want to stand out at work, earn promotions, and elevate my career so I can reach my professional goals, boost my earnings, and achieve a sense of pride.

Quit A Job

I want to quit my job gracefully, maintain professional relationships, and transition successfully so I can seek new opportunities, maintain a positive reputation, and ensure a smooth career change.

Find A Better Job

I want to improve my job search strategy, find a better job, and enhance my career so I can gain professional satisfaction, achieve my career goals, and enjoy a balanced work-life scenario.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Start A Business

I want to start a business, navigate the entrepreneurial journey, and achieve success so I can bring my ideas to life, create jobs, and contribute to the economy.

Grow Your Business

I want to grow my business, increase profitability, and achieve sustainable success so I can make a significant impact, create more jobs, and fulfill my entrepreneurial aspirations.

Sell Your Business

I want to sell my business, attract the right buyers, and maximize my returns so I can profit from my hard work, make a successful exit, and explore new ventures.

Bootstrap Your Business

I want to bootstrap my business, maximize efficiency, and achieve profitability so I can grow organically, maintain control over my business, and prove the viability of my concept.

Build A Lifestyle Business

I want to build a lifestyle business, enjoy work flexibility, and achieve a work-life balance so I can live life on my own terms, generate a steady income, and maintain a satisfying personal life.


Find Purpose

I want to find my spiritual purpose, align with my true path, and live with intention so I can experience fulfillment, joy, and make a positive impact on the world.

Meaningful Life

I want to live a meaningful life aligned with my spiritual values so I can feel fulfilled, make positive contributions, and live with authenticity and joy.

Spiritual Practice

I want to build spiritual practices and deepen my connection to higher wisdom so I can experience inner peace, grow spiritually, and live a balanced life.

Higher Realms

I want to connect with higher realms, explore my consciousness, and expand my awareness so I can experience a greater connection to the universe, unlock wisdom, and live in alignment with my highest self.

Get Enlightened

I want to experience enlightenment, remove spiritual obstacles, and achieve liberation so I can live in complete awareness, peace, and harmony with all that is.

Wellnio Version 2

An advanced version with a full stack of awesome features that will take your learning and all aspects of life to the next level.

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